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The purpose of using templates is to provide a starting point for those who have not yet developed a design idea for their website.  It also is meant to provide the customer with a lower cost solution.  These templates can be repeatedly used by merely changing the wording of the text, or in some cases by changing the color of a button, background, image, etc.  Please note that the use of the State Seal or Seal of the California State Assembly, or any other official seal is limited to those already holding office (i.e. a website for a member of the State Assembly) as opposed to one campaigning for that office.

The Californian Template--California

The template above has a banner design with California photos and is for a California campaign.  The template concept provides for changeability of menu text and buttons.

Congressional 1 Template--Congressional #1

This template has a banner design that chould be used for almost any type of campaign.  This is only template that has been converted into an actual example website.  Click on the template to brouse through this example.  The "4Me2Win" link at the bottom of each page can be used to exit out of the example.

Congressional 2 Template--Congressional #2

The menu above can be configured as a dynamic menu that expands as the cursor passes over the menu item.

State Assembly 1 Template--State Assembly #1

Here is just the thing to catch your voters eye. The menu located to the left can also be configured as a dynamic menu.

Alternative shades of green   Alternative shades of yellow-green
Examples of other color shades.

State Assembly 2 Template--State Assembly #2

Although most of these templates are done in blue, you are free to choose other colors as part of the template package.

State Assembly 3 Template--State Assembly #3

Here is a template with a more elegant presentation.

State Assembly 4 Template--State Assembly #4

This template has room above the horizontal menu for pictures or text to meet your needs.

State Assembly 5 Template--State Assembly #5

More room for pictures or text.

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