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Our Clients

Services provided by 4Me2Win are specific to campaign websites represented by those on the “Templates” page of this site.  The customer may choose a template and one of two pricing plans, included below.  Customers are not limited to the template designs provided by 4Me2Win, and are encouraged to provide input on the type of website that they would like to have.  The “links” button located to the left will be helpful in providing ideas as you decide what you would like your website to do and look like.  However, variations from the templates, pricing plans or style of website are conditional and subject to review, and may fall under the Hourly Rates pricing represented below.

An initial consultation is provided to the customer free of charge, and will provide an estimate of work and associated costs.  The customer will have the opportunity to be involved with the selection of styles, colors, animations, graphics and custom programming.

Work will commence upon initial payment, consisting of 34% of the plan price.  This payment will be a non-refundable deposit.  The second payment will be due at mid-point of project, billed at 33% of the plan price plus all additional custom work completed to date.  The third payment (all remaining costs) will zero the balance due for all work completed, and will be due upon completion of the plan.  All additional work will follow the hourly price rates below and will be billed bi-weekly.  Note:  plans do not include fees associated with website hosting services or domain name registration.

Base Plan -- $750

    Up to 10 HTML Pages, to include the following:
  • Home Page (May include a photo.)
  • Biography Page (May include a photo.)
  • Endorsements Page (List of candidate supporters.)
  • Up to 3 Issues Pages/1000 words per issue (campaign issues such as Budget, Safety, Agrigulture, Energy, Transportation, Education.)
  • Campaign Statement
  • Campaign Schedule
  • Contribution Page (Online fundraising--does not include credit card option)
  • Contact Us Form (Used for visitors to ask the candidate questions, volunteer for the campaign, etc.)
  • Custom design from existing template.
  • Up to 10 Graphics per site, including 5 scanned or custom graphics
  • Up to 2 custom buttons per page, all the same style and color
  • 2 additional Javascript Features

Extended Plan -- $1,500

    Up to 25 Pages HTML, to include Base Package and the following:
  • Welcome Page
  • Up to 5 Issues Pages/1500 words per issue (campaign issues such as Budget, Safety, Agrigulture, Energy, Transportation, Education.)
  • News Page (Recent news/press releases associated with the campaign.
  • Contribution Form (Online fundraising--includes credit card options.)
  • Referral Form (Used to allow visitors to mail your website to a friend.)
  • About District Page (Info on the area represented by the candidate.)
  • Up to 5 Government Links Pages (i.e. State, Cities, Counties, Chamber of Commerce, Farm Bureaus, News, etc.)
  • Frequently Asked Questions Page
  • Campaign Literature Page (Put a copy of your campaign literature online.)
  • Privacy Policy (Here is where the candidate tells the visitor how personal information is managed, and includes details regard personal campaign practices.)
  • General Disclaimer Page (Legal Warnings for the visitor.)
  • Up to 13 additional graphics (23 total), including 12 scanned or custom graphics.  Simple graphics used for page titles are included with the plan and are not included in the number of graphics allowed.
  • Up to 4 custom buttons per page, up to 3 styles.
  • Up to 5 additional Javascript Features (7 total).  A Photo Gallery or a Kids Page can be added with this plan in replacement for only 2 javascript features.
Click here to browse an example of a website template that falls under the terms of the Extended Plan.  The "4Me2Win" link at the bottom of each page can be used to exit out of the example.

$60/hr. Rate

  • Standard HTML coding
  • Page design and layout
  • General site maintenance and administration
  • Account setup on hosting server
  • Meta tags and search engine placement
  • Internet resources searches (for scripts, images, clip-art, etc.)
  • Graphic scanning
  • Consulting
  • Assistance with establishing hosting services (no charge if Prohosting.com is used)

$100/hr. Rate

  • Site-promotion strategic planning
  • Site design and layout
  • Custom coding with framesets, javascript, PERL, DHTML, UNIX scripting, image-mapes, rollovers, special effects)
  • Custom graphics design
  • Multimedia design
  • Add-on Features (guestbook, counter, CGI Forms, etc.)
  • Digital photography

Terms and Conditions
  1. One important condition that enables us to provide you with a high caliber website with such an inexpensive price tag is the need to supply customer data on time.  A estimate containing a timeline will be developed specifying when customer deliverables are due.  This consists of all textual content, photos and graphics and any other type of input defined by the timeline.
  2. Most communication will be done by E-mail, with design review via the Internet.  You will need a personal E-mail account and personal Internet access in order to comply with this condition.
  3. 4Me2Win is happy to recommend a hosting service to host your website.  Billing for your domain name registration and the periodic hosting charges is your responsibility and will be conducted by you without assistance from 4Me2Win, unless otherwise negotiated within the estimate.
  4. After an agreement on the estimate is reached, any significant changes from that agreement will be considered as additional work and will fall under our hourly rate structure.
  5. The website is guaranteed to be compatible with Internet Explorer and Netscape browsers, version 4 or higher.  It is optimized for screen displays of 1024 X 768 pixels.
  6. Upon completion of the work outline in the estimate, you will be asked to sign an acceptance form stating that the website has been created according to original work instructions.  The form will absolve 4Me2Win of any liability in the unlikely envent that any damages associated with the website occur.
  7. Billing will be invoiced via E-mail.  Payment will be must be made within 14 days of the date of the invoice.  You will be held responsible for making alternate arrangements in the event that a problem develops with your Internet or E-mail access.
  8. The files that comprise your website will belong to you after final payment is made.  They will be mailed to you via floppy disc.  You will have 30 days to confirm receipt of these files. After which, 4Me2Win has no further obligation to maintain these files or provide additional copies thereof.
  9. You are not allowed to ftp or telnet to your server until after you have confirmed receipt of your website files.
  10. All prices are non-negotiable and are subject to change without notice.
Effective as of 5/14/2

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