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Message From 4Me2Win

My Friends,

Welcome to my campaign website.  It is exciting to be able to use today’s technology to provide up-to-date information to large numbers of people via the Internet.  I am happy to be able to use this tool to communicate with you, and am hopeful that is serves as a means for me to connect with those I hope to represent.

Assembly District #199 doesn't really exist, but if it did, I would discuss it's boundaries in this paragraph.  It encompasses the high tech world and the wonderful ranch lands of the Buena Vista Valley, and the growing towns of the coastal range.  It is an ethnically diverse area with a rich heritage that reflects the historic growth of the region.

This blend is what makes Assembly District #199 one I will be proud and honored to represent.  The Web site you are visiting today is just one of the methods I will be using as your Assemblyman to communicate issues important to you, your family, and your community. One important element will also remain a cornerstone of my job - the need for one-on-one contact. If you need to contact me, please do not hesitate to phone, or mail a letter to me, and I will make sure you get immediate attention.  The "contact us" button
located to the left has also been provided for this purpose.
Thank you for stopping by my online office. I hope you enjoy your stay as you read more about me and our Assembly District #199.


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