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Welcome to my Home Page
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Candidate Announces Bid For the 28th Assembly District
John Candidate has announced his candidacy for the 199th district of the California State Assembly.  The incumbant is the Honorable Joe Shmoe, of Buena Vista, California.  John has a wealth of experience to draw from, having served as the Buena Vista City Mayor, and is currently finishing his term as Buena Vista County Supervisor.  He has a long track record as a civic leader and is best known by the public for his many years of dedicated committed service.

John Candidate is tough on Public Safety
John, a former police official himself, is backed by the "Police Officers for a Better California" organization and has established a long history of hard work in making California communities a better place to raise our children.  Under his leadership, Buena Vista went from a predominantly lower income city riddled with crime and empty streets to the state's top 5 list for cities that are safe to live in and where city streets are walkable at night.

John is BIG on education
John Candidate has served on the Buena Vista District Board of Trustees and headed a project action committee to develop a 10-year master plan for building projects in the school district.  He has produced the "Children are our Future" television program for the last 9 years and has proven his commitment for better education in California schools.

Candidate is No Stranger to economic reform
John has served as an active member of the Republican Party during his successful efforts with city leaders to revitalize the economy of the Buena Vista City.  He has worked closely with City Chamber of Commerce members and was instumental in paving the way to financial prosperity through the numerous programs and projects to which he was associated.  The most notable project was the new Buena Vista International Airport.  Known as an economic power within the state of California, Buena Vista is now a thriving center for commerce.

John Candidate has campaigned for and supported many candidates including State Senator Johnnie Wonderful, US Congresswoman Julia Roberts, and Buena Vista County Sheriff Max Cuffem.

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