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This page will be important to you for 2 reasons: 1) it will provide income to fuel your campaign, and 2) it will provide feedback regarding the voter's support for you as a candidate.  There are a few methods that are popular for receiving campaign contributions.

One of the most effective of these methods is an on-line form, used to accept the donor's credit card information and personal identifying information.  More about this option is available on the Contributions page of 4Me2Win.

A printable form with necessary FEC (Federal Election Commision) reporting data is one of the simpler methods of choice.  The form should also include the mailing address of the candidate's headquarters and mailing instructions.  Included with the returned form will be the doner's check, or you may choose to optionally collect the donor's credit card information so that the campaign can debit the credit card transaction the day the form is received.

The following is an example of a printable contributions form:

Contributions Form

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