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New leadership New Direction
I believe our city needs a new direction in how to meet our current city needs, how to plan for our future needs of the city and how to plan to pay for these needs.

I believe we should only spend money based on last year's revenue, with a reasonable percentage of growth in income. We should not spend money that we "think" might come in or "hope" comes in. We need a clear direction that is fiscally sound to take care of these present and future needs of the city.

Our city government's first responsibility is to protect the people. This means public safety must always be our #1 priority. We need to have a full coverage and quick response time when we need our police, fire and paramedics. We must increase the number of police, fire and paramedics to give us ample protection as our city grows. We cannot neglect the need of any part of our city. Secondly, we need to maintain the sidewalks, streets, sewer and water systems in a safe and reliable condition for all our residents.

Why am I running for Mayor? I believe Morgan Hill has to make these changes. No family, (or city) can survive for any length of time by spending more than they are making. It is fabulous to have such wonderful facilities as the Cultural Center, Aquatics Center, Recreation Center and a new Library. These are major assets to the city. Many of our citizens feel that they are already over taxed. Most people realize that they have to work until May of each year just to pay for their state and federal income taxes. So I'll find other areas to create income for the city that will pay for our growth and recreation without raising taxes. We can accomplish this by attracting new businesses and new customers to Morgan Hill because of our uniqueness. Morgan Hill is a great place to live and a great place to visit.

Our city must become financially sound and our limited financial resources used wisely. We need to keep our city budget balanced and operating efficiently while looking for more cost-effective ways to provide city services. These are my commitments to you as your Mayor. I ask for your support and vote to help keep Morgan Hill the greatest place to live.

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