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Incumbent Dion Bracco Announces Bid for the Gilroy City Council

At a time when many cities and counties teeter on the edge of bankruptcy, Gilroy is fiscally solvent.  The Council made the necessary spending cuts at the right time.  Gilroy not only had a balanced budget in 2010, but actually showed a surplus.  Dion has helped negotiate changes in the pension plans of city employees to save taxpayers millions of dollars and has ensured that federal stimulus funds are used to repair our sidewalks at no cost to homeowners.

In the midst of the worst economic crisis in decades, Gilroy’s economy is stable.  Bolstered by our two major shopping center anchors, retail revenue is steady.  While no one claims that our local economy is booming, we are holding our own.  The purchase of Gilroy Gardens and the new public library will also boost our economy and several new employers are expected in the coming months.  Dion favors additional action to reduce fees and regulations in order to spur the creation of new businesses and new jobs in Gilroy.

Our public safety agencies are well-staffed and well-funded.  We have been able to spare police and fire from the most severe budget cuts.  Dion serves on the Board of the Gang Task Force and is working with the Chief of Police to identify at-risk kids and keep them out of gangs.  Gilroy has also had a 16% drop in violent crime in the last two years because of the hard work of our police.

Dion Bracco has the years of community involvement to show he has the heart to do what is right for the residents of Gilroy.  Dion asks for your support and your vote on November 2nd.

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