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Our Clients

Hi, my name is Burke McConkie, founder of 4Me2Win.  After you browse the US Congress sites available via our links page and then compare with what we have to offer, we believe you will be interested in pursuing 4Me2Win as your ICSP (Internet Campaign Service Provider).  4Me2Win is a low cost ICSP without the compromise on website quality.

Please browse the sampling of client websites included below.  Just click on the thumbnail representing the home page of each website:

Link to the website of Gilroy City Councilman Craig Gartman
This website helped elect Craig Gartman to the Gilroy City Council.  "The creative web site they built for my campaign was a winner for me.  Many people on the campaign trail told me how they enjoyed the site and they were able to learn a little bit more about me before voting time.  I believe the web site allowed me to finish first."

Craig Gartman

Link to the website of California State Assembly Candidate Jane Howard
This website was used for Jane Howard's campaign to elect for California State Assembly.  "Craig Gartman and his team created a professional, user-friendly website for my recent state assembly campaign.  I found the format and timeline he created for my website set-up was detailed and based on hours of research on the web.  Craig kept me informed of developments as the site was being created and responded promptly to my inquiries and requests.  I highly recommend 4Me2Win to handle your website needs!"

Jane Howard

Link to the website of Gilroy City Councilman Candidate Dion Bracco
This website helped elect Dion Bracco to the Gilroy City Council.  "I decided to run for office less than 2 months before the election and needed a campaign plan fast.  4Me2Win had my websited designed,  and on-line in 1 week.  I spent the next 6 weeks walking door to door and the website allowed me to more efficiently convent my message to the voter."

Dion Bracco

Link to the website of Dennis Delisle for Mayor of Morgan Hill
This website was used for Dennis Delisle's campaign for Mayor of the city of Morgan Hill.

Link to the website for the 2004 Bush-Cheney Campaign
The City of Gilroy used this website to support the 2004 Bush-Cheney Campaign.

Link to the website of Books by Clay McConkie
Not all my clients are polititians.  Clay McConkie used this website for his published books.

Link to the website for Brooksby Cavaliers
Brooksby Cavaliers.

Link to the website for the Gilroy Memorial Parade
This site is for the annual Memorial Day Parade for the City of Gilroy.

Link to the website for the digilayouts.com
This site was created to solicite work for digital scrapbooking services.

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