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Craig talking with high school football player My Friends,

Thank you for your continued support.  The last four years on the council have been very challenging and very rewarding for me.  Because I have enjoyed representing Gilroy these last four years and I want to continue to service this community, I have decided to seek re-election to the city council.

We have seen a population growth of about three percent per year and a rapid expansion of our retail community.  The million square feet of retail at 101 and 152 has allowed Gilroy to remain on balance with the budget.  Without these new stores, I am sure we would have seen a dramatic reduction in city services.  We must continue to discover new ways to support Gilroy while still keeping it ďThe Jewel of South CountyĒ, the shopping capital of the South County area and a new home for light campus style industry.

The recreational programs here have always enriched our community.  We have seen may local residents grow up to become famous sports figures from Jeff Garcia with the Detroit Lions and our boxing hero Robert ďThe GhostĒ Guerrero.  We have teams of power lifers and softball teams that are competing and winning in tournaments.  Letís expand our parks and keep building the new sports complex for everyone, especially the children.  The construction of the sports park has begun and we will start seeing games in the very near future.  Also, we just need to change the rules for neighborhood parks and make sure the parks are built BEFORE people start moving in, not 10 years later.

I have worked hard and will continue to work hard to keep Gilroy a friendly, well-managed town.  Iíll stress well-balanced growth between housing and jobs with streets and sidewalks safer for everyone.  We were able to fix all the sidewalks in town of those people who were on the waiting list.  There was a five-year waiting list before I sat on the council.  Iíll put public safety first with enough police to patrol every neighborhood, and fast fire and paramedic response times throughout the city.

Iím committed to a strong economic future for Gilroy where jobs exist locally ending commutes that keep people away from their families.  As your councilman I will continue to strive to keep our city budget balanced and operating efficiently.  With the state trying to take more and more of our money, this will not be an easy task.

Iím committed to being the best councilman I can be.  With your support, Iíll always be prepared, open minded, respectful of my colleagues, use common sense and honor our citizens.

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